Wednesday 21 July 2010

Embed direct feedback into the system

It’s very flattering when iWantGreatCare gets mentioned in high places and by those who really understand and care passionately about caring for patients.

It’s even more exciting to know that the work the team does, and the way in which iWantGreatCare works together with doctors, nurses and other health professionals, is enabling colleagues to improve what they do on a day to day basis. This is of course the vision of iWantGreatCare - to harness patient experience to drive up quality of healthcare.

Thus being mentioned in the House of Lords recently, counted as a great moment for the small team here and another step on the way to realising our aspirations:

On incentives, we should remember that healthcare professionals are proud. They want to deliver a good service. If you embed direct patient feedback into the system, as we have in Wales for palliative care using iWantGreatCare, it can become a powerful driver to quality improvement. One team does not want to perform less well than another, but patients need to provide feedback in an anonymised way so that they are not fearful that their comments might antagonise the clinicians looking after them.
If you are a patient or carer and wish to help improve the quality of care you (or others) receive, simply go to the website now and add a review about care you’ve received. It makes a difference.


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