Thursday 4 August 2011

Public to get much more information on GPs

Longstanding concerns about the variability in performance of GPs “have reached new heights” according to the Guardian. They cite the evidence that nearly half of all complaints about doctors to the GMC concern GPs (who only make up a third of UK doctors), and that negligence claims against GPs are soaring.

These concerns, combined with the Government’s drive for choice and transparency are driving initiatives to give the public much better information on which to choose their family doctor. A range of data will soon be available to help people ensure they are choosing the best doctor for themselves and their family and to help doctors themselves know just how well they are performing compared to their peers.

The NHS Medical Director, Sir Bruce Keogh, has told GPs that patients should be able to get information about the performance of their own doctors:

"The NHS is owned by the people of this country, who are its shareholders, and at times its reluctant or distressed customers. People are now their own bankers, their own travel agents and their own checkout cashiers. They expect to have data immediately available to make choices.”

Empowering patient choice and highlighting the very best doctors who do so much for their patients is of course at the heart of the iWantGreatCare vision. We will be combining the forthcoming NHS data on GPs with our unique, detailed ratings and reviews from patients to ensure that both patients and doctors can see who is delivering great care.

Do you have a great doctor? Let others know by adding a review of them now on iWantGreatCare - it takes less than two minutes and gives you a public way to say thank you for all their hard work.


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