Tuesday 13 December 2011

Andrew Lansley highlights role of iWantGreatCare in NHS

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has announced that measuring the quality of care delivered by the NHS will be focused on the experience of patients.
In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Mr Lansley said patients would be asked: "Was the service and experience you had good or not?", and variants of this metric will be fundamental to assessments of standards across all primary, secondary and community services.

Highlighting iWantGreatCare as an organisation leading the way in both collecting and openly sharing such metrics - to the benefit of organisations, doctors and patients - the Secretary of State identified end of life care and paediatrics as examples of the importance of putting the perceptions of patients, families and carers at the centre of drives to improve quality and reduce variation.

Paediatrics and palliative care are of course two of the areas in which iWantGreatCare has pioneered the role of real-time, open feedback of patient experience - delivering improvements in staff morale and service quality as a direct result.

Working with hospitals and community providers across the NHS and private healthcare, iWantGreatCare enables organisations to truly understand the experience of their patients in a directly comparative way - whilst at the same time giving the public the ability to make an informed choice about where they are cared for. Reviews of individual doctors give real power to the public in choosing the type of doctor they would prefer, ensuring that the very best doctors are highlighted and recognised for their huge commitment to patients.

“We’ll be undertaking a consistent national survey of the bereaved relatives of people who received end of life care. Asking them, after a suitable passage of time, what was their loved one’s experience of care and how well were they looked after towards the end of life.”
[We will] ask children about their experience. So 5 to 16-year-olds would be part of this, with their parents, so for the first time we’ll be measuring as part of the outcomes, the children’s experience of their care.”
Rt Hon Andrew Lansley, 7th December, 2011

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